Supherb Life's LifeForce Gel Elixir 16oz 250+ Nutrients All Natural

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Life Force has an array of ingredients and a ton of benefits. It is definitely a product whose results speak for itself.

Raw Aloe: 75 Healing Nutrients Seamoss: 92 Vitamins & Minerals Cats’s Claw: 30 Nutrional Continuents With 17+ Alkaloids Spirulina: 23 vitamins & Minerals Essiac: 8 Synergistic Herbs Chamomile: 5 With It’s Continuents of Polyphenols.


Anti Oxidants/Anti Inflammatory Anti Baterial/Anti Fungal Anti Viral/


Increases Circulation and draws immune cells to the site of an infection. Stimulates new tissue growth & Reapairs Cells after Chemo Therapy & alkalines, relieves muscle & joint pain and more.