8oz Conscious & Anomalous Florida Water

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Product Description

  • Conscious and Anomalous Florida Water is a product of Supherb Botanicals Llc that has taken nearly two years to create.

  • It is created in a highly unique blend of essential oils, distilled water and denatured alcohol that has been specially formulated with the purest of thoughts and intentions in an alchemical process to help you easily cleanse, anoint, bless, protect your sacred spaces, heighten your magic and rituals and if your choice is Our Prosperity Blend, you will see and feel abundance at a different level of your life. This will definitely be a spray that you will be proud of. Our Florida Water comes with an atomizer for your convenience.

  • It has an array of uses: spritz your altar or sacred spaces

  • Helps to break free of attachments and energetic cords

  • Raises your vibrations

  • Offering to the ancestors

  • Spiritual Baths

  • Cleanse your home or crystals

  • Perfect when doing intuitive readings

    Provides protection during spiritual and energy work and magnetic enough to bring abundance into your life on many levels!